EntireData's parking module, ParkingIntel, integrates with your existing parking system to provide an advanced dashboard for monitoring, analysing, alerting and reporting on the performance of your car park. Using your provider's database system, data export facility, or online portal, we pull the data on to the EntireData servers, keeping the data safe and available long after your existing system may have deleted it.

ParkingIntel offers many tools – from basic analysis of car park traffic and income, all the way through to complex analysis of dwell times, performance versus budgets, and even predicting future car park usage. If your parking system has ANPR, customer loyalty and demographics can be analysed, as well as the ability to quickly alert you based on a blacklist if for example a known shoplifter were to enter your car park.

You can analyse payment information, such as the amount of payments made on card or cash, and you can also exclude season ticket holders or residents that might use your car park. Additional data about your car park, such as manual barrier lifts, money management transactions, budget information and more are also available.

If your provider can make it available, ParkingIntel can also show you live data feeds of capacity and traffic flow. This data can be then be integrated in to your own website or other services. You can compare any of this information to other data source available from EntireData, such as local weather, traffic issues, social media, footfall, sales and any other data source you have access to.

ParkingIntel will change the way you collect and analyse your parking data, allowing you to make the most of your car parks.

ParkingIntel is included in RetailReport, our cutting edge analysis tool for shopping centres and retailers.